Professional Hair Styling, Foils, Cut & Colouring.


Fusion, Wefts & Micro Links. Thermal Ionic Straightening & Styling


Dread Extensions, Dread maintenance, Monkey Locks products, Monkey Mashing


Brazilian chocolate Keratin Treatment. Keratin Brazilian Chocolate Treatments

Dare 2 Hair Studio together with Blowave Room salon located in Carlton, BlowWaves every day $35.00,Melbourne specialize in quality Hair Extensions (all Hair Extensions), Human Hair Extensions,The Volumiser a new light on thining hair problems (female pattern baldness) on the top and crown areas for thining hair. Coloring, Hair Cuts, Thermal Straightening, Brazilian Chocolate Treatment, Keratin straightening treatment,Dreadlocks and Maintain old dreadlocks, Innovative Dreadlocking Mashing System (Instant Dreads without chemicals all natural), and Organic Hair Products (Monkey Locks). Dare 2 hair studio is located at 95 Elgin St Carlton 3053, Australia. Call Us today for all your Hair Care Needs on

Ph. 9347 2569

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Friendly Staff

Bruno gave me an awesome cut, I showed him a pic and he nailed it. He has great technique, and he is very professional. Will definitely come back again.

Review for hair
Complete Satisfaction

I was very happy with the result. I got a $10 training haircut ($20 for girls) under supervision. The haircut included washing and basic styling after. The trainee took her time, 1 1/2 hours, what might sound long but that’s why it’s a training haircut.I rather have her do it right. Also great was the fact that my hair exactly matched the photograph I choose from on of the hair magazines she showed me.

Review for hair
Love Blow wave concept

thanks ,Vanessa great hairdo ,love the blow wave room concept $30.00 dollar blow wave all day every day .

Review for hair
Monkey Mashing is really good

hey guys, love my new dreads, that monkey mashing tool makes it look easy and super fast will be back for maintenance

Review for hair
Great Dreadlocks

thanks team my dreads look great, see you in one month for clean up

Review for hair
Amazing Effort by Bruno

Amazing. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat. Wonderful staff and a lovely experience. I tried a really new direction with my hair and they were so great in helping me a achieve it. Thanks so much!

Review for hair
Best Dreadlocks

i did my dreadlocks extensions this morning i was very happy with the result ! the boss Bruno he was very friendly and nice person, i would definitely recommend this place 👍🏻